"Be with her because you actually want to be with her, because you actually see a potential future with her, not because you are used to being with her, not because you’re scared of the thought that being without them will ruin you. The point of being in a relationship is to enjoy each other’s company, is to be there to support each other when they need it most. No one person, defines who you are. They only compliment you."
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Love & Lesbians♡
"A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other."
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Virgo With a Crush


 Virgos get super nervous around their crushes and analyze every single detail about interaction (“He said hi instead of hey–what does it meeeaan?!”) to try to decide how to proceed.

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CamilaCabello97: live by the sun, love by the moon
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I ❤️ my sleepwear

this shirts out of this world 
Describe yourself on anon and I will say if I would date you



Do it I’m super bored:)

Goo 😉

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Easiest way to my heart is my stomach. Warm brownie with vanilla ice cream 😁